5 Travel Tips You Need To Know When Visiting Italy

Italy is known by many tourists since it has plenty of list trips since it is the best home for some famous fashion, architecture, cuisine, Mediterranean coastline, and the art. The people their, language, and vino inspired some visitors with Italophiles over centuries.

The Italy country is known to be complicated with the set etiquette and customs which are different from whatever could have happened. Here are the tips you must always remember when you tour Italy.

Dinner In Italy Starts Around 7:30

Italians do take their evening meals very early, but some restaurants can still open sometimes later compared to the regular times. Most restaurants that are not located towards the hot spots are always opened around six to seven in the evenings.

The restaurant owners can take an approach in closing and opening hours of their businesses whenever they want. The restaurant doors can also be closed for almost three days if the owner is out to visit the relatives and family.

Don’t Ever Skip Art

When you visit Italy, you can easily be distracted by restaurants, ancient ruins, and shopping. However, when you skip an art scene, it is very ungrateful of you.

The art galleries have over 100 Vatican houses with the Sistine Chapel ceiling that were painted by the Michelangelo. Venice has Guggenheim with extensive modern works collections.

Cover Up In The Vatican.

Despite not agreeing or accepting politics of Catholic churches, you must show great respect to them when you plan on visiting Vatican museum which is found in Sistine Chapel of Saint Basilica at the gardens of Vatican.

Here, the visitors need to have restricted dress codes which limits sleeveless and above the knee wears and even the hats. You must ensure the knees and shoulders are covered and never introduce your selfie sticks there.

Cappuccino Is Not Allowed After Breakfast

Thoughts and customs concerning foods in Italy are always more where cappuccino is the main one among some coffee milk drinks. They are known to be for breakfast and not after any other meals. Full stomach with hot milk is not the thing for Italians. You can decide to order that which you like, but there will be more side eyes together with some digestion lecturers from others.

Spend A Day In Venice

Venice has been regarded to be among the romantic cities in Italy, and you should spend a full day there to witness this. The town can be sacrilege hence it is the best thing when you opt for visiting there for some two to three days and see the ambiance of the floating city where you can eat gelatos available.

The place is costly with huge crowds during summer seasons, which makes it a challenge. If you need to enjoy fully in your own leisure time, then avoid visiting there in summer times.

Italy is indeed a great place you can visit, have fun, and still want to visit again; the reason is that it has several monuments among other amazing things which you can never finish seeing within one to two weeks.

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